'Avengers' star to star in 'Potteriana' director's new film


    The Avengers star will play in the new film directed by

    American film and TV actor Chris Evans (The Avengers) may star in the Netflix film “Pain Hustlers”. 

    In the cast of “Pain Hustlers” Emily Blunt has also already been announced. Directed by David Yates (“Harry Potter”, “Fantastic Beasts”).

    At the center of events is a young girl, Lisa Drake. She is forced to drop out of school to provide for herself and her little daughter. Drake takes a job at a pharmaceutical startup, but through her tenacity, she takes the company to the next level and finds herself at the center of a deadly conspiracy.

    Overall, the film will be similar to The Big Short, ” The Wolf of Wall Street” and “American Hustle”.

    The film will go into production in August.


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