Avian flu case in Ontario forces Toronto Zoo to close aviaries

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A case of bird flu in Ontario forces the Toronto Zoo to close its aviaries

The Toronto Zoo has implemented a series of health measures to protect its birds from avian flu.

The Toronto Zoo is implementing safety measures to protect its birds due to a confirmed case of avian influenza in southern Ontario.

A case of influenza avian has been reported within 200 km of the zoo.

The aviaries will therefore be closed to visitors or significantly modified in order to protect the animals. Some activities, including behind-the-scenes tours of the bird habitat will be temporarily suspended.

Zoo staff members will have to follow a series of sanitary measures, including the use of scrapers and disinfectants for employees' shoes and boots. Employees will also be required to use foot baths or change shoes before entering aviaries or buildings housing birds.

The zoo will temporarily stop using poultry for feed animals.

The program to prevent the presence of wild birds on the site will be intensified in order to minimize access to the excrement bins which attract geese and waterfowl .

All outdoor birds will be confined to restricted access areas to avoid contact with wild birds.

By way press release, the Toronto Zoo recalls that the flu is very contagious and can be fatal for birds. The organization also notes that there have been no human cases of avian flu reported in Canada.

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