Aviation: Flight disruptions would be inevitable with staff shortages

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Aviation: flight disruptions would be inevitable with staff shortages

Retention issues for workers like pilots and air traffic controllers persist, according to industry representatives, which will make it difficult for travelers to travel.

The airline industry is warning of “inevitable disruptions” to travel this upcoming holiday season as labor shortages persist.

New job vacancies data from Statistics Canada, released Thursday, shows the labor market continued to be tight in August, with job vacancies little changed from July.

In parliamentary committee Wednesday evening, representatives of the transport industry indicated that the problems of retention of certain workers such as pilots and air traffic controllers persisted.

The president of ALPA Canada Airline Pilots Association Tim Perry told MPs that airlines are not doing enough to retain pilots because they have refused to pay pilots more for rather try to attract temporary foreign workers.

Canadian Air Traffic Control Association President Nick von Schoenberg told the committee that ;there was a desperate shortage of air traffic controllers, which placed unacceptable demands on workers because there are no longer enough air traffic controllers to meet the needs.

Mr. Von Schoenberg claimed the shortage of air traffic controllers existed before the pandemic and will not be resolved in time for next summer, but could be alleviated with creative solutions.

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