Avoid this ingredient when cooking tomato soup. It can be very harmful to your health


It is better to avoid these ingredients when preparing your meals. They seriously harm your health.

 Avoid this ingredient when cooking tomato soup. It can be very harmful to health

Anyone who has at least once tasted a perfectly made tomato soup or traditional salad vegetable that our grandmothers used to make knows well that the high-quality ingredients used to make the meal must be fresh and preferably from their own farm.

Canned for freshness, not necessarily beneficial to health

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Urban life, however, condemns most of us to buying groceries in supermarkets, which makes it difficult to eat healthy due to on the need to extend the shelf life of food stored for a long time in warehouses and transported over long distances.

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The quality of products is also influenced by the widely developed food industry, in which various chemicals are used to preserve and speed up the production process. Therefore, when cooking, for example, tomato soup, we often use canned tomatoes, which make the taste of the finished dish significantly different from the taste of tomato cooked with fresh tomatoes. However, this is not the biggest problem with products packed in aluminum or metal cans.

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You may know that Bisphenol A, synthetic estrogen placed in epoxy layers of food cans, has been associated with many health problems. Many companies have publicly pledged to refrain from using BPA in their cans.

But consumers like us have not had the opportunity to find out which companies in their cans use BPA-based epoxy. Independent laboratory tests revealed a poisonous food can liner associated with malformations of the male and female reproductive system in more than half of 97 cans of branded fruit, vegetables, soda and other commonly consumed canned goods.


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