AvtoVAZ is not ready to produce Lada Vesta in 2022: there are no spare parts and never will be

AvtoVAZ is not ready to produce Lada Vesta in 2022: there are no and will not be spare parts

For the production of Lada Vesta, imported components are needed. They plan to look for them in China, but it will not be possible to quickly arrange the supply of parts.

The new Lada Vesta will not be put into production this year. The most popular AvtoVAZ model will return to the assembly line no earlier than the beginning of 2023. This was announced by the new president of the company Maxim Sokolov in an interview with the Prime agency.

According to him, now the enterprise pins its main hopes on the so-called “simplified” Lada Granta with a Euro-2 standard engine, without ABS and airbags. At the moment, this is the only model that is produced at AvtoVAZ.

In July, Togliatti hopes to put into production the same “simplified” versions of Lada Niva and Niva Travel. But for other models, exact information is not yet available. Maxim Sokolov said that the production of Lada Largus and Vesta is going to be resumed “in the medium term”.

The fact is that at the beginning of 2022 the updated Lada Vesta was presented. The car was slightly changed externally and redrawn its interior, although the photo of the interior was never published. It was expected that the top versions of the model will receive a digital instrument panel and an enlarged multimedia display.

After refinement, the new Lada Vesta turned out to be even more dependent on imported components, which is why its release is now impossible. It was previously reported that she would also receive a “simplified” version, but it turned out to be not so simple: the model is built on the Renault B0 platform and the ABS unit is part of the car's design.

Now AvtoVAZ management has obviously changed plans. They want to put Lada Vesta 2023 into production with ABS, airbags and multimedia, but instead of Renault parts, use components from China. However, it will not be possible to quickly find them, arrange supplies and remake the design of the car for them.

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