Award-winning hockey player lost consciousness in the middle of a game: match the NHL halted (photos, video)

Титулованный хоккеист потерял сознание в разгар игры: матч НХЛ остановили (фото, видео)

The regular season of the National hockey League (NHL) between the “Anaheim” and “St. Louis” almost ended in tragedy. In the first period, when the score was 1:1, the away player Jay Boumeester while on the bench, suddenly lost consciousness.

Boumeester had a heart attack and he collapsed on the bench after a shift. Fortunately, thanks to the fast work of our doctors and doctors “of Anaheim”, Jay’s state was stabilized. He was conscious and could move his extremities when he was taken to the medical center. He is conscious and as further examination“, — reads the statement published on the official website of the “St. Louis”.

In the end, after the incident, the match was not played — the decision about his future leadership of the League will take in the near future.

Note that the 36-year-old Bowmaster — quite a winning hockey player, who plays in the NHL since 2002. During this time, except for “St. Louis”, which last year became the winner of the Stanley Cup, Jay has also played for “Florida” and “calgary”. The team Canada twice, in 2003 and 2004, became the world champion and in 2014 won “gold” Olympic games in Sochi.


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