Ax-wielding anti-vaxxer tackles security guard

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An armed anti-vaccine with

Samuel Doré broke a window in a vaccination center before that a security guard intervene to control it.

Armed with an axe, a resident of the MRC de Portneuf opposed to the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 injured a security guard who was trying to to prevent him from committing wrongdoing.

It's not every day that you get attacked by a guy with an axe, said Richard Nolet to explain his after-effects following this attack.

Her attacker, Samuel Doré, had just admitted his guilt on charges of mischief, assault with a weapon and wearing a disguise with intent.

The events occurred last March at Le Grand Portneuf golf club, in Pont-Rouge.

After some acts of vandalism committed in the building, the CIUSSS asked the management of the golf club to hire security guards to monitor the facilities.

Le Grand Portneuf Golf Club is being used as a COVID-19 vaccination center.

On March 20, around 5 a.m., Richard Nolet saw a car parked near the golf club. A hooded man armed with an ax got out and walked towards the side of the building.

As Mr. Nolet walked towards the ;man, he heard a sound of breaking glass. A window had just been smashed.

The security guard stopped the vandal, who turned to him waving his axe.

An altercation ensued and Officer Nolet was hit by the handle of the gun in the brow bone.

He subsequently received three more blows behind the head before disarming the suspect by striking the ax with his hand. His gesture caused him a triple fracture to a finger, but he was now on equal terms with the aggressor, from whom he removed the hood.

The latter managed to flee while the officer used his cell phone to film the car and write down the plate number.

Samuel Doré, 44, was arrested moments later. The police found the murder weapon in his car.

The Saint-Raymond resident immediately cooperated with the police and explained to them that he had been motivated by his anti-vaccine beliefs.

Judge Christian Boulet underlined the courage of the security guard. Richard Nolet stopped working for a month following this incident. He now says he is more wary and nervous when in office.

The 65-year-old is also a singer and musician. He regrets that he is no longer able to play the guitar because of his fractured finger, which no longer allows him to make certain chords.

Interrogated by journalists at the exit of the room hearing, Samuel Doré confirmed that he acted because of his anti-vaccine beliefs.

He claimed that members of his family have already had serious side effects as a result of vaccination against other diseases.

I was also worried about all the children around me, he assured before saying that he now regrets his actions.

He must return to court in December for sentencing.

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