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Axel: Michael Goldman's favorite has a lot of ideas

He will undoubtedly be one of the favorites of Star Academy 2023 from the first episodes. Axel has already typed in the eye of the director…

À Only 23 years old, Axel, originally from Saint-Mammès in Seine-et-Marne, is preparing to join his career. experience an adventure that could radically transform your already existing journey. outstanding. This young man, tall (1.90m!) and undeniably serious, is preparing to take part. join the new season of Star Academy, broadcast on TF1. His talent and personality did not miss to seduce Michael Goldman, director of promotion, who considers him one of his favorite candidates. "It's one of the 4 or 5 that I absolutely wanted to see there," Goldman at the show "Quotidien".

Axel, this passionate of African percussion, is not a novice on the stage. Already known on TikTok, brilliant during a rendition of "J'y Vais" by Florent Pagny, he also had the time to get involved in politics as a municipal councilor of his city, he combines several talents and commitments with a naturalness that commands admiration. Joël Surier, mayor of his town, expresses his pride: "He is an artist of undeniable talent", and underlines his municipal involvement even by leading his efforts head-on. engineering studies at Compiègne.

A well-made brain

But Axel is not the type to give up. rest on its laurels. His humility shines through when he talks about his background: "I come from a working-class, modest background, where “We only have a 2% chance of becoming a senior executive.” After scientific preparation and training in organic chemical engineering school, he made a bold choice: refuse a permanent contract to pursue his artistic dream, with the understanding support of his business.

The Star Academy will offer him not only a stage but also complete artistic training. "I am happy to participate in this event. a show where I'm going to be taught things. Singing technique, but also theater, dance…,” Axel confides to Le Parisien. It is with a pragmatic approach that he approaches this challenge, aware of the opportunity to achieve this. but also the risks of such a commitment.

It is therefore with great curiosity that that the public will be waiting to discover this complete young man, who seems to have a clear idea of ​​his path and the means to achieve it. Will Axel's seriousness and commitment allow him to shine within the Star Academy? Response within weeks. come.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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