Aya Nakamura, the next artist to perform in concert in Fortnite

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Aya Nakamura, the next artist to perform in concert in Fortnite

The show will be streaming for 72 hours.

Singer Aya Nakamura is the next headliner to perform in the video game “Fortnite”.

One ​​of the most listened to French-speaking singers in the world, Aya Nakamura, will deliver an interactive show broadcast from October 6 to 9 in the metaverse of Fortnite, according to an announcement from Epic Games, the publisher of the video game phenomenon fond of this kind of collaborations.

This interactive concert, lasting 72 hours without interruption, was created especially for the occasion, and it will feature an avatar of this artist born in Bamako.

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Epic Games is used to this kind of virtual event with celebrities. Fortnite had hosted a few years ago rapper Travis Scott, who had drawn crowds to the platform.

In the summer 2021, an avatar of American singer Ariana Grande performing some of her songs had appeared over the course of a weekend on the game's virtual boards. Players could choose an option that even allowed them to do a piece of adventure with the pop artist and R'n'B.

The objective of this strategy: not to be satisfied with x27;being a shooting and survival game, but taking on the appearance of an entertainment platform.

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games most popular, with some 200 million followers worldwide.

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