Ayem Nour in a relationship with singer Soolking? The news

Ayem Nour in a relationship with singer Soolking? News

Single mother for six years, Ayem Nour would have finally found love. Unveiled last night on Instagram, the lucky winner would be the singer Soolking!

While she had been single since the birth of her son, Ayvin, Ayem Nour would have finally found love. Former Mad Mag host Ayem Nour had been single for a long time. She had separated from her son's father, Vincent Miclet, famous businessmanonly a few months after his birth. Since then, she has devoted herself to the education of her child. She also confided in her life as a mom, saluting the courage of all single mothers. “A big thought for those women who raise their children alone, who have to keep the house, who have to work, manage the children… And who have to be a little presentable. »

Little present on the Web since, she still published a book on her Keto diet and made a few appearances in the world of television. And it is with the former partner of Adèle Exarchopoulos that she would find happiness. Soolking would be the new man of her life. Soolking, known by the stage name MC Sool until 2013, is a rapper who rose to prominence with his singles Guerilla and Dalida. In a relationship until recently with Adèle Exarchopoulos, he would now be with Ayem Nour. According to @shayaratv, actress Adèle Exarchopoulos is now in a relationship with actor Syrus Shahidi.

Ayem Nour and Soolking are in the same place

It's at least what @zohra.pookie implied in an Instagram story last night. According to @zohra.pookie's story, it's a photo takenin the same place at the same time which would suggest that Ayem Nour and Soolking would be together . We can indeed see on the two photos the same pontoon taken in photo by Ayem Nour and on a photo where Soolking appears. Nothing is confirmed, but that's all the happiness we can wish them.

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