Baba Wanga's disturbing prophecies for 2023. The upcoming new year is not going to be optimistic

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What will happen in 2023? Baby Wanga's prophecy is not optimistic

 The disturbing prophecies of Baba Wangi for 2023. The coming new year is not going to be optimistic

According to the Asiana Times portal, Baba Wang is one of the most popular clairvoyant and enjoys unflagging popularity. Among its numerous predictions, there are also those foreshadowing the events that will take place in 2023. Unfortunately, there is no good news for us. What will the coming year bring to us?

Baba Wang's 2023

Baba Wanga's supporters argue that she has many well-predicted events to her credit. “Balkan Nostradamus”, as it is sometimes called, was supposed to accurately predict the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Among the prophecies of the mystic who passed away in 1996, there were also those on what awaits humanity in 2023. Unfortunately, these are not particularly optimistic predictions. One of them says that our planet's orbit is to change in the coming 12 months.

Unfortunately, the visionary did not provide further details on what would be the reason for the change of the Earth's orbit. It is worth emphasizing, however, that a change of orbit could have catastrophic consequences for humanity, especially if it were to happen as a result of an unexpected and violent event.

 Baby Wangi's disturbing prophecies on 2023. The coming new year is not going to be optimistic

Interestingly, the orbit of the Earth changes cyclically. Once, it is elliptical, to take on a more circular shape in a 41,000-year cycle.

Solar Tsunami

Unfortunately, changing the Earth's orbit is not the only one what we need to prepare according to Baba Wanga. The cataclysm that we will face is a solar tsunami. A solar storm is about to occur on the Sun, the size of which will be larger than before.

The solar storms predicted by “Nostradamus of the Balkans” will lead to extensive power cuts, which will translate into many other serious problems.

 The disturbing prophecies of Baba Wanga for 2023. The coming new year does not look optimistic

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