Baba Wanga's predictions for 2023 leave no doubt. It will not be a quiet year. What awaits us

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What does Baba Wang announce for 2023?

 Baby Wangi's predictions for 2023 leave no illusions. It will not be a quiet year. What awaits us

As the “Interia” website points out, the closer to the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year, the more often the predictions about 2023 appear. Recent years have brought us a lot of anxiety and events that have shaken our everyday life. Nothing is missing from people who are looking for an answer to the question of whether next year will finally bring us relief and hope for a better tomorrow. This optimism can be sought in the predictions of Baba Wanga. What did Balkan Nostradamus predict for the coming year?

Baby Wangi's prophecies for 2023

The last two years have been full of anxiety, problems and fears. Wilu would finally like to breathe a sigh of relief and look to the future with hope. Unfortunately, Baba Wanga's predictions do not leave much room for hope and optimism. The clairvoyant outlined 2023 in rather dark colors.

In Baba Wangi's visions for the coming year, a pandemic appears again. The plague is supposed to be the result of climate change, which will lead to the discovery of a virus found in permafrost in Siberia. Interestingly, this vision does not make scientists particularly pessimistic.

 Baby Wangi's prophecies for 2023 leave no illusions. It will not be a quiet year. What awaits us

Scientists do not exclude this possibility

It turns out that there have been similar incidents before. One example is anthrax infection in people in the northern part of Siberia. The bacterium was supposed to wake up after 75 years of dormancy. The reason for this was the heat wave that swept across this part of the continent, causing the permafrost to melt and the release of dangerous bacteria. The situation took place in 2016. A similar thing happened in 1941 as well.

Baba Wanga's supporters argue that she accurately predicted the coronavirus epidemic that broke out in the world in 2020 and took its toll in many countries. “A terrible catastrophe in a mirror year will reign in the world. The epidemic will be everywhere. The disease will spread quickly and take many people,” she said.

 Prophecies Baby Wangi for 2023 leaves no illusions. It will not be a quiet year. What awaits us

And what do you think about the predictions of Baba Wanga?

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