Baba Yaga guide to the world of the dead

Baba Yaga guide to the world of the dead

Dear readers and subscribers of the channel, do not be surprised, but from today I have decided to change the name of the channel. Now the channel is called not “My hut with a vegetable garden”, but “My hut on chicken legs.”


After analyzing the behavior of the algorithm on the channel, I came to the conclusion that it has a very bad effect on channel impressions when different directions are mixed on the same channel. Therefore, for all my garden experiments, I will create another channel, and this one I will leave for mysticism, magic and everything unknown in our life.

Honestly, I didn't even think long about a new name. Somehow it immediately occurred to me to call it “A hut on chicken legs.” Well, why not?

After all, once upon a time, even before Christianity, Baba Yaga was considered a pagan goddess among the Slavs.

And remember the poem by Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin Ruslan and Lyudmila “, since childhood I was amazed by the writer's imagination. How much you need to feel inside yourself and having felt, pull out into this white light your feelings inherent in the works. Tales with hidden meaning.

Baba Yaga guide to the world of the dead

So what is this magic hut in which the scary, terrifying Baba Yaga sits?

Previously, in the old days, the Slavs burned the bodies of the deceased, they were not buried by burying them in the ground. And the ashes or what remained from the burnt body were placed in such huts on chicken legs. Such a funeral rite existed among the ancient Slavs even before the 9th century.

The hut on chicken legs served as a portal or passage from our world to the world of the dead. That is, the transition from the world of Reveal to the world of Navi.

Pushkin made an amazing gift for us, a hint so that we don't forget our roots.

And who is Baba Yaga bone leg? The goddess of death Mara or else she can be considered as a guide. Notice how interesting the bone leg! With one leg she is in this world, and her bone leg is in that, in the world of Navi.

They really confused us a bit with chicken legs. And when we hear the expression “on chicken legs”, then immediately in our head there is a picture from films or cartoons, where the hut runs exclusively on hefty chicken legs.

Baba Yaga guide to the world of the dead

Baba Yaga guide to the world of the dead

Baba Yaga guide to the world of the dead

In reality, of course, there is no question of chicken legs, they built trees on stumps or log cabins, which were freed from bark in advance and fumigated with smoke from all parasites, pests and to prevent rotting. Whether the dominoes put such huts with a hole facing the opposite direction from the settlement, towards the forest,

Let's now turn to fairy tales. Baba Yaga lives at the edge of the forest, remember her catchphrase “Hut, stand in front of me, back to the forest”, the ancient Slavs associated the forest with death. Thus, she sent souls to the next world.

Baba Yaga guide to the world of the dead

But there were, of course, heroes who wanted to go to the next world and go out with magic items. And with the help of certain rituals, Baba Yaga helps the heroes, she stokes the stove, drinks and feeds them.

The food of the dead was not suitable for the living, therefore, eating the treats of Baba Yaga, the hero showed that he was not afraid of this food, that he was the most “real” deceased. He temporarily died for the world of the living in order to get to the next world, to the distant kingdom or the world of Navi.

Having passed all the tests of Baba Yaga, the hero began to belong to both worlds, he was endowed with magical qualities, with the help of which he overcame monsters.

He went through initiation through death. At the moment of such death, the hero's ego unites with the experience of his previous lives. Sometimes this happens spontaneously in people during clinical death. Not all of them, of course.

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