BAC 2022: the candidates in big crack in the face of the heat wave

BAC 2022: the candidates in big crack in the face of the heat wave

By passing the baccalaureate this year , French high school students are facing another major ordeal: the heat wave that is invading France.

At this very moment, many high school students are working on the baccalaureate exams. If these are already stressful enough for many, the upcoming heat wave will certainly not help matters. This Wednesday, June 15, 2022, France must indeed face record temperatures with a feeling of 39 degrees in Toulouse. A worrying heat wave announced that some people are accommodating despite the many alerts issued – and too often ignored – by scientists. The climate emergency is indeed real and some high school students then expressed their difficulties in passing the baccalaureate in this crushing heat.

Asked by Ouest France< /em>, Léo, an 18-year-old student at Lycée Berthelot in Toulouse, remembers: “When I passed the college certificate in 2019, the tests had been postponed because of the heat wave.< /strong>I remember that there were some who complained, because we were going to leave later on vacation. » This time, no postponement of events has been planned despite the heat wave: “However, if I remember correctly, it was as hot as it is now! We had water bottles available and fans in the rooms. It may be like that, I dread the heat, but even more the subject of philosophy “ launches in turn Salomé, 17, at Lycée Ozenne.

A heat wave unbearable

Clearly, many students are struggling to withstand the scorching temperatures. This is the case of Djellali, a student in first year: “I am worried. It's going to be hard to concentrate on Thursday for the anticipated literature test, it must be 38°. Today it seems exceptional to us, but later this heat will be normal! Other young people refuse to allow this situation to normalize and are prepared to make efforts tolimit the damage: “If there is one thing I know for sure is thatI will never have a car,” says Leo. “I realize that we young people, when it comes to voting, are sensitive to environmental discourse, perhaps more so than older generations. I may be optimistic, I find that there are few reactions to the urgency, we drag on. But I want to believe that people will wake up to change things. »

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