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Baccalaureate resit 2024: what dates ? How to maximize your grades ?

The 2024 baccalaureate exams are ending. While waiting for the results, some are already thinking about it. on vacation but for others, the headache of catching up remains top of mind. How to prepare?

After a week during which several hundred thousand final year students worked on the written tests of philosophy and speciality, the following days are devoted to orals, of which the Grand oral is a part. Some students already have it. past and are now only waiting for the results to know if they will be able to continue their studies in higher education, and for others, the Revisions continue because the oral period ends on July 3. You will then have to wait less than ten days.

At the time of the results, the students, not all, will be officially on vacation, because for some of them, it will be necessary prepare for resits, the ultimate way to obtain this diploma, a second chance awarded to those who came close to the mark of 10/20 but who did not succeed in achieving this. To have it. To pass the resits, you must have had, at least, an average of 8/20, last year 8.5% of candidates had to go through there. To find out if this figure increases or decreases this year, we will have to wait for the publication of the results scheduled between July 8 and 11. While waiting for that day, here are some tips to best understand this test, and get the most points on D-day.

The key info on how resit works is as follows: it is the best mark between that of the written test and that of the resit oral which is in finepreserved. If you are a candidate for resit, it is therefore generally recommended to take part in a remedial exam. opt for a test where you have obtained a bad grade, in order to optimize your chances of doing better. Another piece of advice: instead of rereading all your courses, it is recommended to read all of your courses. to favor the consultation of the subjects of the baccalaureate yearbook, and in particular the zero subjects of the Ministry of National Education. If you miss part of an annal, you can rewrite it. at that moment re-read your relevant course sheet diagonally. As for the oral passage as such, it is often recommended to do so. to be active. Questioned by CNews, Bertrand Galliot, professor of mathematics and educational director of the academic support site Les Bons Profs, explains that one should not have  ;fear "to interact with the examiner, to answer questions, to bounce back". Managing your preparation time well is also essential. Bertrand Galliot recommends on this point to "make a draft without writing too much" . This consists of à write your plan in broad outline, so that it can be able to browse it at a glance at the time of the presentation: you then know what you are saying, but without needing to read your sheet.

The réremedial oral results are provided to candidates immediately following the test, which allows them to take part in the test. everyone to know if they have recovered. enough points to be a baccalaureate. They are then communicated to the rectorate during the day or at the latest the next day. The results are then added back to the initial results of the baccalaureate and can be viewed free of charge on Linternaute.com. To do this, go to our baccalaureate results page.

For this last chance phase, only two tests were completed. taken by draft candidates whose objective was to achieve a score of 10/20. The remedial tests cover each year the subjects chosen by the candidates: thus, to recover the maximum number of points, the key oacute; is to take into account its facilities in the different fields of study, but also the coefficient of each of the tests.

The oral remedial exam in the baccalaureate includes two oral exams, with an average duration of 30 minutes each. ;

  • During the first oral, the student is questioned on his knowledge and skills in the subjects of the E1 test. Depending on the specialties followed by the candidate, it may be a scientific test, a scientific and technical test , a mathematics or economics-law test. 
  • The second oral focuses on the'é proof E5 of the specialtyé of the candidate, in other words the test of French and history-geography. 

In the professional baccalaureate, the oral test is graded out of 20, & from the score out of 10 obtained à the outcome of each of the two oral examinations cited above. 

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