Baghdad accused Turkey of shelling a resort town and killing 8 people: Iraqi ambassador left Ankara


An artillery strike was carried out on a mountain resort in the province of Dohuk (Iraq). Turkey was accused in Baghdad, although Ankara denies these accusations. The Voice of America gave more details.

Baghdad accused Turkey of shelling resort town and the murder of 8 people: the Iraqi ambassador left Ankara

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The attack killed at least 8 people, including a child, and 23 residents were injured. Iraqi media reported that the resort was shelled from Turkish territory.

In connection with this situation, Iraq withdrew its ambassador to Turkey for consultations.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi wrote on Twitter: “Turkish forces grossly violated the sovereignty of Iraq.” Dozens of Iraqis gathered in front of the Turkish embassy in Baghdad to protest the attack.

There is information that Iraq wants to demand from Turkey the withdrawal of all its forces from the territory of the country.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the country's military did not launch artillery strikes on tourists in northern Iraq. He referred to information from the Turkish military, Interfax writes.

According to these data, the Turkish military forces “have not carried out any attacks against civilians” and in Iraq have always fought against those whom Ankara considers terrorists. The minister noted that in this case, Turkey denies all the accusations that were made against it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Ankara feels deep regret for the victims of the attack, and added: Turkey is making every effort to avoid civilian casualties and damage to cultural sites during operations against the PKK. Ankara assured that it will make all the necessary efforts to find out the truth about this tragedy.

Turkey regularly launches airstrikes and uses special forces against Kurdish armed groups in Iraq and Syria, which it considers to be terrorist organizations .

The US has said it supports Iraqi sovereignty.

“Killing civilians is unacceptable. All states must respect their obligations under international law, including the protection of civilians”, – stressed the representative of the US State Department Ned Price.


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