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Banking: here are the 4 most widespread scams that you should be most wary of

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We talk to you about it regularly on Presse-citron, banking scams are still very numerous in France. Faced with this omnipresent danger, the police of the financial markets and that of banks (AMF and ACPR) have just listed the main threats at the moment. Here are the top 4 most popular scams.

The bank advisor scam

We have regularly reported on this in our articles. Here, you receive an SMS or an e-mail sent by a fake banking institution which informs you of a false transaction or offers you an attractive commercial offer. Sometimes the bank number is even the correct one, because malicious actors are able to hijack it. The idea is to push you to reveal your banking details for future misdeeds.

Fake passbook or credit scams

These scams are often based on false advertisements posted online which tout a gold investment with very high interest rates. The customer will then go to a fake site perfectly imitating that of well-known brands (Revolut, Boursorama…). He will open an account by depositing the minimum amount required. He will never see the color again.

And for good reason, this sum is sent to the scammer's account. According to Que Choisir, the amounts can reach heights, we thus mention 97 000 € for passbook scams and 12  000€ for fake credits.

False green investments

Always on the lookout for good moves, the crooks have set their sights on eco-friendly investments. Here again, these fakes look very similar to authentic investments. To drive the point home, consumers can even be put in contact with a fake advisor who will work to fool them.

Unauthorized Forex and crypto platforms

There are numerous requests online to invest in these services. These offers not approved by the authorities should be avoided. In certain cases, victims can lose their entire assets with stolen amounts of tens of thousands of euros.

How to protect yourself from risks ?

Faced with omnipresent danger, the AMF and the’ ACPR recommends first going directly to the services mentioned in the messages in order to verify their authenticity. You should never click on a link in a text message or email. In the event of a telephone request, you can also retrieve the name of your interlocutor and call them back later to verify their seriousness.

In any case, you should never act urgently, especially for important financial investments. Take the time to think about, analyze and verify an offer. Find out about the proposed investment to find out if it is suitable for your profile and your needs. Finally, if the wrongdoing has been committed, contact your bank to object and file a complaint.

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