“Banned all Russian schools”: Ukrainian singer complained of “chaos” in the country (video)

"Запретили все русские школы": украинский певец пожаловался на "беспредел" в стране (видео)

Ukrainian producer and singer Yuri Bardash, the popularity of which brought the group “Fungi”, complained about the hard life of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine.

His views on the situation in Ukraine, war with Russia Bardash said in an interview to Yuri Dude.

“For Donbass it hurts the soul, for the people of the region. I do not apply to “LC”, I treat people with whom I grew up. To them, I’m fine, I their manners are familiar and understandable, these are my people” — he stressed.

According to the Bardash, the war in the Donbass began not just. “What I see in Ukraine for the last five years? Maximum chaos. It’s such a heavy topic. I often hear the expression “Donbass typical redneck”. What I know about him? It’s the people who always worked. Yes they are harsh, they are fierce, are not cultural in the capital. They don’t know the word “LOL” and any x**you. But they work. And for them, prayer is work. Now, who are these people to me”, — he explained.

The reason I am also confident Bardash, in the Russian language. “Now forbade or abolished all Russian schools. In Ukraine, 50, or 45% or 60 Russian-speaking people who grew up, were born, imbibed Russian language. It is their native language. Ukraine is their country, but their language is — Russian. And felt a strong pressure on these people”, — complained the artist.

He also noted that in Ukraine the problem with freedom of speech. “Like I want to say something, you’re right, “separatist”, you just “coat” or “a vyshivatnik”. I don’t know, they ponapridumyvali so many strange words. I’m deep in this s**that don’t fit. Just go to Facebook, there was this Diwali army and “throws” it”, — he told the Dude.

Even Bardash complained that Ukraine demolished monuments to Zhukov and other Soviet heroes. “My grandfather fought. I felt that I was the winner” — remember Bardash on “rainbow childhood”.

Now Bardash, according to him, “send support your President”.

We will remind, earlier Bardash caught in a scandal: ex-wife accused him of domestic violence.

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