Bar in the US offers to order a shot of Johnny Depp to visitors in need of help


    A bar in the US is offering a Johnny Depp shot to patrons in need of help

    The special code was created after the scandalous trial between Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard

    A bar in the United States posted a poster encouraging patrons to order a Johnny Depp shot as a call for help. The actor's fan resource writes about this

    The ad states that bar visitors who feel in danger should simply go to the bartender and order a shot of Johnny Depp.

    If you ask for a drink in a clean sight – this means that the visitor just needs to be escorted out of the building. If you ask for a shot with ice, the staff will call the visitor a taxi, and if you order Johnny Depp with lime, this is a signal to call the police.

    This bar initiative was inspired by the code phrase “Call Angela” in UK, in Lincolnshire. If a visitor feels in danger, they just have to ask the staff to “call Angela” and they will understand that the guest needs help.

    The Ask for Angela campaign was launched in 2016 and is named after Angela Crompton, a woman , who was killed by her own husband in 2012 after a quarrel about home renovation.

    In the US, you can ask for help by ordering an Angel shot. And now a shot of Johnny Depp. During the trial, the actor said that he hopes that his desire to tell the truth will help others, men or women who find themselves in my situation. “Apparently, this speech of his inspired the bar owners to create a new code.


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