Barack Obama has been wearing a risky smartwatch for 8 months

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It’s more than just a matter of BlackBerry, but it’s not better either.

Barack Obama has been wearing a risky smartwatch for 8 months

Barack Obama (the 44th President of the United States, in case you didn't know) is like many a fan of mobile technologies. But not the most efficient. Indeed, the former leader has just been seen with aFitbit Ionic on his wrist. The scene took place during the Democratic Party's campaign for the midterm elections, which seek to renew the positions of Congress and the House of Representatives.

The problem is that the Fitbit Ionic is dangerous. Even the manufacturer has admitted this publicly, offering anyone who will listen a call back with a free return slip, a full refund for the wearable, and even a 40% discounton the rest of its range. Just that. In question: an increased risk of burns, because the watch can catch fire in certain cases. Users have already filed a complaint for having been injured in this way, across the Atlantic precisely. It was therefore necessary to react quickly, but apparently not everyone is aware yet

What alternatives ?

With its announced autonomy of four days, the Fitbit Ionic was released in 2017. The device is powered by a 120 MHz ARM Cortex processor and has 2.5 GB of internal storage. On the screen side, owners benefit from a 1.42 inch panel for 348 by 250 pixels and a density of 306 ppi. The operating system, meanwhile, is homemade: no Wear OS under the hood, as Google only took control of Fitbit after the product went on sale.

To control your sports activity and receive your notifications on the wrist, there are now other much more effective items. These include the excellent second-generation Apple Watch SE, which has a “fluid and intuitive interface” with “very good autonomy” sometimes being able to last more than twenty-four hours in a row. Running on watchOS 9, the gadget also benefits from an iconic design, with heart rate sensor and in-game sleep tracking.

Otherwise, you can turn to the other example signed Google: the Pixel Watch. With Fitbit features included, but endurance “very average” according to our own test conducted last month.

How to get a refund

  1. on the official Fitbit website, choose your country
  2. read the associated instructions
  3. complete the reminder form and enter your bank details
  4. wait three to six weeks for the transfer to be received

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 Barack Obama has been wearing a connected watch at risk for 8 months

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Barack Obama has been wearing a risky smartwatch for 8 months

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Barack Obama has been wearing a risky connected watch for 8 months

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Barack Obama wears a stupid watch connected to risk for 8 months

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