Barça loses its invincibility against an effective Bayern

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Barça loses its invincibility against an effective Bayern

The immaculate streak of 14 victories of Bar&ccedil ;a this season the show was cut. in Munich. The Bayern He knew how to play his cards better and took advantage of the opportunity. The Barça defense made concessions to prevail 3-1 and postpone the mathematical classification for the quarterfinals in the Champions League by the team of Jonatan Giráldez, which still remains. He was the leader of group D, although tied on points with the German team.

Bayern did not take long to win. In showing that it is a team with firm aspirations also in Europe, based on its solvency at home, where it has chained 17 wins. Driven by the stands of the Allianz Arena, where he moved to the meeting and set the date With a new attendance record for the Bavarian team (24,000 female spectators), Alexander Straus's team found an opportunity to win. He scored the goal on his first arrival on goal.

It came from an exemplary shot by Bühl coming from behind, after the German team had finished. He will recover the ball in the vicinity of the Barcelona area. The high pressure exerted by the Bayern playerscame back He won a prize just six minutes later, in a counter by the opposite band, finished off by Magull, which made evident the doubts that he is having. dragging in recent times the Barça.

The team led by Jonatan Giráldez had to find themselves unexpectedly down 2-0 after 10 minutes to wake up and recover your best version. With a growing prominence of the midfield and, above all, of Aitana Bonmatí , Barça [ of the game with its touch and association football that forced the end of the game. This led Bayern to back down shamelessly, also comfortable defending the result when losing the ball. That absolute dominance, however, did not allow the The Catalans managed to generate and only managed a shot with danger from Crnogorcevic (m. 31) before the break.

Sterile domain

The entry of Paralluelo and Engen and a greater role for Bonmatí and Geyse regained her strength. The most dominant profile of Barça in the restart. Twice he brushed against the Barça team scored the goal, in a shot from Bonmatí (m. 47) and a header from Crnogorcevic (m. 57) salted by Grohs, strong> the German goalkeeper. But in the middle of the Barcelona harassment, Bayern came back to strike in an isolated counter, very well resolved by Schüller.

It was in a rogue action by the Brazilian Geyse when Barça finally found the goal. The Barça striker took advantage of the opportunity. Grohs was hesitant to snatch the ball from the feet of the German goalkeeper and cut back quickly (m. 64).

Despite the clear possession and the overwhelming dominance of it, the Catalan team crashed in the first place. again and again against the defense of Bayern, It was a very physical team that withstood the test. the harassment of the Barça that will now have to stop. He will ratify his direct pass to the quarterfinals on December 21 at the visit of Rosengard .


Bayern Munich: Grohs; Rall (Bragstad, d. 83), Viggosdottit, Tainara, Simon; Magull, Stanway, Zadrazil; Lohmann (Kumagai, m. 80), Schuller (Kutt, m. 75), Bühl.

FC Barcelona: Ter Stegen Cloths; Bronze, Paredes, León, Rolfö; Bonmatí, Walsh (Engen, m. 46), Guijarro (Pina, m. 69); Crnogorcevic (Torrejón, m. 86’), Geyse (Oshoala, m. 86), Caldentey (Paralluelo, m. 46).

REFEREE: Esther Staubli (Switzerland)  

GOALS: 1-0,(m. 3), Bühl; 2-0 (m. 9), Magull;3-0 (m. 60), Schüller;3-1 (m. 64), Geyse. 

FIELD: Allianz Arena (24,000 spectators)