Barça thrashed Levante Las Planas 0-4 in the Barcelona derby

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Barça thrashed Levante Las Planas 0-4 in the Barcelona derby

Seven out of seven. Barça continues to lead the League with a firm step and this Thursday they defeated Levante Las Planas, in the Barcelona derby. The players of Jonatan Giráldez They have found the spaces to add a new league victory, in the away win by 0-4, in a game that was already overdue. resolved in the first half where the azulgranas scored three of the four goals.

The azulgranas goals were achieved by Patri, Oshoala, Salma and Irene Paredes . The match was played at the Municipal de Las Planas in Sant Joan Despí, against a local team that tried to be serious in defense until Patri managed to break the local net in the 11th minute, in what was already a constant possession of the ball by the azulgrana side . In a muddled move, Oshoala (m. 26) managed to win. double the visitor's advantage.

There was still a third Barça goal to go before half-time. The one in charge of materializing the 0-3 was Salma, very active, which marked at 33 minutes And so on it was arrived to the middle part. Already in the second half, with several players from the subsidiary, Barça played calmly. Levante tried to reach the goal of Sandra Paños , which has been unprecedented. Irene Paredes (m. 79) in a corner kick closed the scoring with the final 0-4. Next Sunday, the azulgranas will travel to Madrid to play the women's classic at 6:00 p.m.

Match sheet

Levante Las Planas: Bacic Parera, Martín-Pozuelo (Ebi 83’), Gantxegi, Muth, N. Garrote (Mora 65’ ), Laura Martínez (Struck 46’), E. Julve (Mellado 69’), Mrabet (Mari Paz 46’), Natalie, Chikwelu, Irina Uribe.

FC Barcelona:< /strong> Paños, Torrejón, Mapi León (I. Paredes 46’), María Pérez, Nuria Rábano, Patri Guijarro (Alba Caño 46’), Walsh (Crnogorcevic 64’), Aitana Bonmatí; (Engen 46’), Claudia Pina (Martina 64’), Oshoala, Paralluelo.

Goals:  0-1, Patri Guijarro (10'); 0-2, Oshoala (25’); 0-3, Paralluelo (31’); 0-4, Irene Paredes (79')

Spectators: 800 at the Municipal de Les Planes.

Referee:  Beatriz Arregui Gamir. admonished to Rábano (9’),  Natalie (74’).