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Hardly released, the Xiaomi 13T already loses half of its price for Black Friday

Unveiled and released at the beginning of last October, the Xiaomi 13T is already benefiting from its development. of a huge promotion as part of Boulanger's Black Friday. The smartphone almost 50% of its initial price/

Xiaomi hits hard for Black Friday promotions. The manufacturer is displaying one of its very latest smartphones available with a big reduction prices on the Boulanger website. The Xiaomi 13T, released only a few weeks ago the time when As we write these lines, benefits from a drop of almost 46% compared to the previous year. its initial price.

Launched à 649 euros last October, the Xiaomi 13T benefits from a price drop which displays the smartphone at a lower price. 449 euros at Boulanger. But that's not all: the brand also offers a trade-in bonus of 100 euros on your old device. You will only have to Exchange your old smartphone for your new Xiaomi 13T so that it only costs you 349 euros! Even without this trade-in bonus, the promotion is very interesting since it is a very recent and well-rated smartphone. in the specialized press.

Barely released, the Xiaomi 13T already loses half of its price for Black Friday

XIAOMI 13T Smartphone designed with Leica Black 256GB

New à from 449.00 €

  • Boulanger649.00 €449.00 €See

The Xiaomi 13T is one of the latest phones available from Xiaomi. The latter has a very good camera, a very fast charging speed and good performance considering its base price. In particular, it can replace an old Samsung or Google Pixel phone that is no longer holding up.

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