Bastos and Belle as a couple since the filming of The Battle of the Clans? This picture says it all

Bastos and Belle as a couple since filming The Battle of the Clans? This photo says it all

Are Bastos and Belle a couple since the filming of The Battle of the Clans? A photo published on social networks says it all and we tell you about it in this article.

A few months after his breakup with Victoria Mehault, Bastos would have found love again. Indeed, several weeks ago, the reality TV candidate left France and more particularly Paris to fly to the Dominican Republic. There, he took part in the filming of The Battle of the Clans, the new TFX show which pits the Guedj family against the JLC Family. It’s during this adventure that the young man met Belle, a beautiful Brazilian revealed to the general public this year in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7.

If when the young woman landed on the set she was still in a relationship with Allan Guedj, if we are to believe the rumors on social networks, thereafter, they would have separated in particular at because of Maissane. And very quickly after this break, Belle would have approached Bastos. A few days ago, the Instagram account shayaratv said in its story: “Bastos and Belle fell in love and slept together. Allan found out about it and he was completely furious, he takes it as a deception on Belle's part. It's been several days that Bastos, Belle and Allan clash. And lately, many bloggers have announced that the candidate for La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7 and the youtubeur have left this adventure a few days apart.

Bastos and Belle as a couple?

< p>Indeed, for a few hours, Bastos and Belle are again active on social networks and in particular Instagram. Moreover, thanks to their story, we could notice that they were both in Paris at the same time. And as you can see with the snapshot shared in the slide above, the two reality TV candidates would have spent the evening together this Thursday, June 09, 2022. Darko's best friend even posted a photo of Allan Guedj's ex in the story. According to the blogger tvrsource, this could prove that the young man and the beautiful brunette are in a relationship. Anyone who loves vanlife would have even left the filming of The Battle of the Clans to join Belle. But then, what is the nature of their relationship? For the moment, the mystery remains intact!

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