Bastos in a relationship with Belle and seen close to another girl? She reacts

Bastos in a relationship with Belle and sees another girl close? She reacts

While Bastos and Belle seemed to be spinning the perfect love, the atmosphere has been tense between the two candidates since the Youtubeur appeared with another woman .

For a few weeks, Belle and Bastosdo not hesitate to appear together. As we know, the two candidates met on the set of the Battle of the Clans. Very quickly, they fell in love with each other. However, their rapprochement was not easy since Allan, the ex of the pretty Brazilian, was also in the cast of this brand new show which opposes the Guedj to the JLC Family. And if Belle and Allan arrived as a couple, they quickly separatedwhen the young woman discovered the episodes of the Villa of Broken Hearts 7 during the broadcast.

Indeed, she was totally unaware that Kevin’s cousin had finally cheated on him several times. Fortunately, she had moved on by falling in love with Bastos. Yes, but here it is, last night, the famous Youtuber appeared with another young woman in his Instagram story. And her followers were quick to point out that it wasn't very nice for Belle: “You abuse it, Belle is going to kick your teeth out.” » To which Bastos replied: «She really pisses me off.« For his part, the ex of Allan has also expressed on her social networks.

Belle: “You stay quiet instead of taking care of my stories

She explains: “There, I am still nice but if I decide to become mean, it could be carnage . When you're a big liar, big deceiver, big manipulator. You stay quiet instead of taking care of my stories. » Finally, a few hours later, she sent another message to her followers: « No, I'm kidding, I'm not going out clubbing tonight… I don't play those games. But you really made me laugh with your answers.” Was she talking about Allan or Bastos? Shortly after, she posted a photo of Bastos with the following caption:Twin Flame which left Bastos perplexed: “I can't keep up with that anymore, I admit. Belle then replied: “However, I thought I had been clear in my messages. Maybe it’s my French I'm going to start drawing so that we understand better. » It is therefore difficult to know where they really are.

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