Batman comic writer Alan Grant dies


Batman comic writer dies Alan Grant

Writer Alan Grant, according to his wife Sue, recently struggled with a serious illness.

On Thursday, July 21, the Scottish writer, author of Batman comics, died Alan Grant. This is reported by The Sun.

According to the publication, the death of the writer was confirmed by his wife. The woman told reporters that Alan Grant had been battling a serious illness in recent years. She became the cause of his death.

“I have no words. Alan died this morning,” said Sue Grant.

The writer's friends, in a conversation with reporters, also confirmed the information that that the writer had been ill for some time.

Allan Grant is going to be buried in Bristol.

Batman comic writer Alan Grant dies

What Alan Grant remembers

Alan Grant first entered the comics industry in 1967 when he became an editor at D.C. Thomson before moving to London from Dundee in 1970 to work for IPC on various romance magazines.

After returning to college and changing jobs, Grant returned to Dundee and began to live on social security. He then met John Wagner, another former editor of D.C. Thomson, who helped produce a new sci-fi comic for IPC, 2000 AD, and was unable to complete his other work. Wagner asked Grant if he could help him write the Tarzan comic he was working on; thus began the writing partnership between Wagner and Grant.

In 2013, Grant teamed up with Robin Smith to create Scott vs. Zombiescommissioned by Artlink in Edinburgh and supported by Creative Scotland. In 2012, he completed Loxley and the War of 1812, an award-winning Canadian children's graphic novel now in its second edition.

Grant and John Wagner created a new comic for BHP Comics in 2016. Drawn by Dan Cornwell, “Rock of the Reds” tells the story of a dangerous intergalactic criminal, Rock of Arcady, who is on the run on the planet Earth, taking over the body and life of troubled soccer star Kyle Dixon.

In 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Grant led a community project in the village of Moniaive to create a comic strip about the virus and the community spirit of the residents.

Comic book author o Batman Alan Grant

Focus reported the death of the author of the spy novel “The Eagle Has Landed” Jack Higgins. became in April 2020.


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