Batman, Superman… Warner's boss prepares a ten-year plan like Marvel for the DCEU


After the recent cancellation of the film Batgirl, new Warner Bros. President David Zaslav explained his plans for the future of the DCEU.

Warner is getting a lot of buzz right now, that's how it is. The firm is changing and we cannot ignore its astonishing anthropophagic struggle. After 10 years of struggling to keep up with Marvel, with its DCEU, Warner's recent merger with Discovery has begun a sweeping housecleaning of its licenses. It is in particular its new president, David Zaslav, who is initiating a full restructuring of the company with the ambition of erasing this calamitous past and doing better.

We are talking about a household, it is true. But beware, with the brutal changes that this brings and the sudden interruption of all the steps initiated under the previous reign of Jason Kilar, this is not without consequences. Like it or not, this metamorphosis of Warner will harm a large number of projects, artists and employees who have long toiled, and in the end for nothing. We recently investigated how the cancellation of Batgirl is symptomatic of all the mess at DC. In addition to this information and our assumptions for the future, David Zaslav has just confirmed his plans for the future of the DCEU with his investors in a conference concerning Warner Bros.

And how lucky are Warner's investors to be so well informed of the company's future decisions! Because on their side, the directors, actors and all the staff working for the studio seem much less informed of the decisions concerning their work. At least we can say that we too now know more about the precise intentions of its president. He particularly mentioned, during the conference, his desire to imitate Marvel (who would have believed it?), while showing patience, to rebuild the DCEU:

“We reset everything. […] There will be a team with a 10-year plan just for DC. It's similar to what Alan Horne and Bob Iger set up with Kevin Feige for Disney. […] We are going to focus on quality. We're not planning on releasing any movies until they're ready… […] DC can get a whole lot better, and that's what we're focusing on. We have great DC movies coming, Black Adam, Shazam! and The Flash. We are working on it. We've seen them and they're great, but we can make them even better.”

David Zaslav was very frontal on the issue. Yes, Warner wants to save its licenses, but for that, the studio must do like Marvel.In a way, it's ultimately an admission of failure for the DCEU: Disney has already imposed its model and to see it being spoon-fed by the competition is as sad as it is overwhelming. Alan Horne, mentioned by Zaslav, was also recruited by the firm to oversee its new 10-year plan (to be sure not to be mistaken, that would be a shame).

Upcoming DCEU movies, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Black Adam, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom and The Flash, remain question marks though. Since they were in the making during the former Warner, however, they probably no longer fully correspond to the directives of its current president. Hence his clarification that while the movies are good (probably justifying not being able to give them up like Batgirl), however, he would like to make them better. This portends new shifts, for some at least. The Arlesian of The Flash, in particular, is likely to continue even longer…

In addition, David Zaslav mentioned the other Warner licenses (one thinks of Harry Potter) by implying that he was a pity to see them sink and his desire to also take them in hand. Also, the HBO Max platform will merge with that of Discovery, while limiting the projects on it to focus on the quality of service.

Black Adam due out October 19th (if not there are no worries in the meantime) and will be the first film in the DC universe to have to convince under its new direction. Or is it unexpectedly pushed back? We doubt everything now with Warner.


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