“Bearded Chechens” walk: in Finland, Russians who fled from the army are settled with refugees from Ukraine

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  • Bearded Chechens are walking around: in Finland, Russians who fled from the army are settled with refugees from Ukraine

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Women with children fleeing the war from Mariupol, Kherson, Izyum and other regions are forced to live with deviators from RF. Ukrainian women call on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deal with the problem.

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In Finland, Russians fleeing the mobilization are settled in centers where Ukrainian refugees live. Such cases have already been recorded in several Finnish cities, they write in the Facebook community “Ukrainians near Finland”.

“There was an unpleasant situation, a lot of Russian men settled in our center. Most of the residents (of the center) are women with children who fled the war from Mariupol, Kherson, Izyum and other regions. Everyone is in a state of shock and do not understand how to explain children and how to continue to live next to the people whose country is killing you,” said Ukrainian Natalia Litvinchuk.

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In the camps of Ukrainian refugees, as the living say, crowds of “bearded Chechens” and other Russians walk. Ukrainian women are afraid for their children and personal safety.

Based on the comments of users, Russians are placed in Ukrainian refugee centers in the cities of Halliko, Pori, Uusikaupunki, Turku and in the settlements of the province of Varsinais-Suomi.

Russian citizens in the future may be used by the Kremlin to use military aggression against Finland, users noted in the messages.

“The government's priorities are strange. Ukrainians are being reproached for the fact that many of us have arrived, such as there is not enough food in the church. They even stopped giving humanitarian food assistance. It sounds like a reproach that we overloaded the medical system with our arrival. If you start talking about a problem, they say, that we should sit and not stick out, they say, rejoice at the fact that they condescended to us and let us in, ”said Tatiana Olishevskaya.

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According to the woman, the Finnish authorities have a positive attitude towards the Russians and let 66 thousand people in a few days.

“17 reception centers are being opened especially for them. It all looks crazy and undermines the very concept of refugees,” she writes.

Some Ukrainians turned to the Finnish Migration Service. They also call for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Embassy of Ukraine in Finland to intervene in the situation.

The reaction of the Society of Ukrainians in Finland

The Society of Ukrainians in Finland wrote a letter to the government of the country, in which they called for ensuring the safety of refugees from Ukraine. The organization says that placing men who fled Russia next to women and children from Ukraine poses a significant threat to the mental and physical health of the latter.

“We remind you that the citizens of Ukraine were forced to leave their homes due to the attack of the Russian army and the systematic destruction of Ukrainian cities and villages. It is worth remembering that those who fled from Ukraine were mostly women and children, and those who fled from Russia were primarily men who simply they were afraid of a possible death in Ukraine,” the society drew attention.

Finland and the whole world see the consequences of the war – these are the killings, torture and rape of civilians in many Ukrainian cities – in Bucha, Irpen, Mariupol and Izyum, the authors of the letter noted.

“The Russian authorities have publicly stated that they are at war with the West. Is the Finnish government willing to risk an escalation of similar violence in Finland?” the organization asked.

We note that at the time of publication of the news, there was no reaction from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and Ukrainian diplomats from the embassy in Finland to this problem.

The last post of the Ukrainian Embassy in Finland on Facebook is dedicated to cleanup as a token of gratitude to Finland for receiving and helping Ukrainians who were forced to leave their homes due to the war.

Bearded Chechens are walking: in Finland, those who fled from the army Russians are settled with refugees from Ukraine

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It is known that only On September 22, more than 6,400 citizens of the aggressor country arrived in Finland by land transport. Deviators from the army are caught by the military commissariats, on the border with Finland they even created a special mobile military registration and enlistment office that distributes agendas to the Russians.

Finland and Sweden are preparing to become official members of NATO this year. Diplomats say the event will take place before 25 December.