Beautician Kim Kradashian named the three main components of a beautiful face


    Cosmetologist Kim Kradashian called the three main components of a beautiful face

    According to the doctor, Kim Kardashian is the owner of a proportionately beautiful face.

    Former artist and sculptor, now cosmetologist-dermatologist, Dr. Simon Urian from California, whose clients include the Kardashian-Jenner family, models, actors, musicians and many members of the royal family, can do almost any cosmetic procedure without surgery, ranging from non-surgical plastics nose to contouring the jawline and cheeks, writes the Daily Mail.

    “When I look at someone's face, I automatically think what I can do to improve it. Before I became a doctor, I was into art and sculpture, so by luck I got into the field of aesthetic medicine. I liked aesthetics and beautiful things, and I thought there must be a better way to do it without surgery,” he said.

    According to him, there are three facial features that are universally considered beautiful: symmetry, proportions and healthy skin:

    “The more symmetrical the right and left sides of the face, the better. From the forehead to the chin, the face is divided into thirds ( top, middle and bottom). Faces considered attractive if they have thirds of the same size and, therefore, are more proportional. All this is due to the fact that we believe that a person is healthy and young.”

    Beautician Kim Kradashian named three main components of a beautiful face

    Of the celebrities with whom Urian works, he named Kim Kardashian as the owner of an almost perfectly beautiful face.

    “Her face is also very proportional, and all her individual features are very proportional to each other. She has learned to support and take care of him better than anyone else. She has a very clear idea of ​​u200bu200bhow a person should look. She takes care of her face,” the doctor emphasized.

    Beautician Kim Kradashian named the three main components of a beautiful face

    Like an artist, before starting to sketch a portrait, Dr. Urian begins his procedures by measuring the face:< /p>

    “What I do with measuring and charting the face is what sculpting has been doing for the last thousands of years. If someone has a smaller lower face, I try to make it bigger to match the upper face. If someone's forehead is too big, I try to make the face wider to match the length of the face.”

    Urian notes that non-surgical procedures are becoming more beneficial because they give results similar to surgical ones, but with a safer outcome.

    “A huge advantage of cosmetic dermatology is that you can choose and create your own menu as you go. During surgery, you wake up and hope everything will be fine. But when you are awake in a doctor's office like mine, you work as a team with your doctor. You can say: “I like my cheeks the way they are, I want to change this and that …”, the beautician explained.

    < p>One of the most requested procedures in his office in Beverly Hills is work on the cheekbones, lip augmentation, as well as correction of the contours of the face and body.


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