Beauticians called the main enemies of beautiful skin

You carefully care for the skin, with properly selected means, not zealous with sweet. But for some reason the complexion is not pleased with the appear of inflammation. Raskruchivaem the five factors that are taken away from you beauty.

Косметологи назвали главных врагов красивой кожи

Stress, Smoking, dehydration — these enemies of beauty we have already found out and neutralized. However, there are others with which to compete.

1. Allergens

Food Allergy is not necessarily bad repercussions wild rash. Sometimes it is a separate rashes and inflammation, which, however, properly grieve. Often cause intolerance to alcohol, sugar, white flour and milk. Start to keep a food diary — write down everything eaten, including one cookie or toffee.

It will be easier to figure out, does the skin on some specific products.

2. Bad toothpaste

Too cheap pasta sin an abundance of chemicals and fluoride in the composition. These components can cause irritation around the mouth and cracks at the corners of her lips.

3. Make-up remover in the shower

The skin on delicate. So clean it is before or after showering, but not during. Otherwise it will dry up and be irritated.

4. The air of the big city

About the harm of ultraviolet radiation, noise and polluted air says a lot. All together moving to the village we can’t. But we can neutralize the negative environment. Diet with an abundance of seasonal vegetables and fruits will give the required dose of antioxidants and cosmetics with vitamins E and C and high SPF will protect your skin from the outside.

5. Cosmetic conservatism

Care, as the clothes need to change with the arrival of the new season. Thus, the means with acids and dense texture that is so good in winter, summer is contraindicated — can cause pigmentation and inflammation on the skin.

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