Before Antonina Turnau, Marek Kondrat had another wife for over 3 decades. It was very loud about the wedding


The wedding of Marek Kondrat and Ilona Ludgarda Gagajek was a strong media event.

 Marek Kondrat before Antonina Turnau had another wife for over 3 decades. The wedding was very loud

An interesting fact is that the whole ceremony was filmed for the production of “Very Young Oboje”.

Marek Kondrat was married for 37 years with Ilona Ludgarda Gagajek

Therefore, in 1972, it became very loud about this young couple. According to the media, the actor was 22 years old at the time and, already being a husband, he was obliged to become independent. As he said in an interview, it is time for the first job in his life and you cannot count on any help.

Two years after the wedding, in 1974, the first son of the Kondrat & oacute; in Mikołaj was born. We now know that he followed in his father's footsteps and took up acting.

After six years, another son, Wojciech, was born, who entered the world of music and currently works at the Warsaw Philharmonic. The ex-wife of the actor Ilona Kondrat decided to start a yoga studio in the capital to close all the old matters with ex-husband Marek.

For a very long time she did not speak up about her ex-husband or the relationship he had with him. she used to connect them. The situation changed when the media circulated information about Marek Kondrat's relationship with his daughter, Grzegorz Turnau, Antonina, much younger than him.

When it turned out that her ex-husband's new wife was expecting a child, she confessed in an interview that, following the philosophy of the East, he sees positives in this news. He tries to follow the philosophy of detaching himself to nothing and to no one – […] The hint comes from the philosophy of yoga, which ra m & oacute; wi: the situation is always right, because it is because it happened, whether it was good or bad . Live in the present moment, not look back. This is the greatest strength – she explained.


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