Before Christmas?  Allegedly new Apple product on Tuesday

Before Christmas? Allegedly new Apple product on Tuesday

Before Christmas?  Allegedly new Apple product on Tuesday

Apple is said to bring another new product next Tuesday. This time it is not a windy leaker who started this rumor, but Apple itself. The company has informed its authorized service providers that some new data on new products or product features will be available next Tuesday, which the customer service representatives will then should have them ready immediately.

Apple is apparently actually planning another product presentation later this year. It should be ready next Tuesday, according to an internal memo from Apple that was sent to the authorized Apple service providers and that MacRumors has received.

The letter said that on Tuesday, December 8th around 5:30 a.m., California time, Apple will distribute data on the price and technical specifications of a product for which Apple Care is offered to its sales partners. The document does not provide any further details and this is unfortunately not uncommon for Apple. Similarly, comparable notes that Apple regularly sends out before the launch of new products, last observed before the launch of the new iPhone 12 models in October, were just as inexclusive.

What’s coming before Christmas?

Now customers can cheerfully puzzle over which product Apple will present before Christmas. The selection is of course no longer particularly large. There might also be the AirTags, Apple’s Bluetooth-based tracking tags, of which one had not heard much after the keynote, at which they were known not to be presented. The AirPods Studio shouldn’t be out before March, ostensibly due to production issues.

However, it would also simply be possible to have a slightly different configuration of a product, such as one of the AirPods models that are already available. A well-known leaker dreamed of a Christmas surprise weeks ago, reported. However, the expectations should not be too high.

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Before Christmas?  Allegedly new Apple product on Tuesday

Noch vor Weihnachten? Angeblich neues Apple-Produkt am Dienstag

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