Before the concert of Anna Netrebko in Germany, a rally was held against her performance. The singer commented


    Before Anna Netrebko's concert, a rally was held in Germany against her performance. The singer commented on this

    Anna Netrebko

    Last Friday, opera singer Anna Netrebko started her tour in Germany. The first in the tour schedule was the city of Regensburg, where a rally was held against the concert of the Russian star. The protesters gathered right in front of the castle, where the opera diva was supposed to perform. The concert nevertheless took place, and Netrebko herself commented on the attacks of ill-wishers.

    And who said that everything would go smoothly? Will not. There was a concert, of course. There were 30 protesters at the castle walls! And the audience in the full hall — three thousand! Are you equalizing? In the meantime, I'll score a goal elsewhere,

    — wrote Netrebko.

    The singer's performances in Germany are now causing controversy. According to critics, Netrebko is not clear enough to distance herself from Russian President Vladimir Putin, although under pressure from the public she eventually spoke out against the special operation.

    The people gathered at the walls of the castle came with posters that read: concert in Ukraine? and “Not in New York, not in Stuttgart, why here?”.

    The concert in Stuttgart, scheduled for September 3, was previously canceled by the decision of the local authorities — the platform where Netrebko was supposed to speak belongs to the Ministry of Finance of Baden-Württemberg. The New York Metropolitan Opera also did not resume cooperation with Netrebko even after she spoke negatively about the special operation.

    In Regensburg, Netrebko performed accompanied by a local symphony orchestra and her husband, tenor Yusif Eyvazov. The program included works by Giuseppe Verdi, Georges Bizet, Jacques Offenbach and Pyotr Tchaikovsky. At the end of the concert, the audience burst into enthusiastic applause.

    According to the organizer of the concert, Reinhard Söll, tickets for the concert were almost completely sold out. According to him, there were no threats because of the concert, but as a precaution, he nevertheless hired additional security personnel. The courtyard of the castle, where the concert took place, can accommodate three thousand spectators. The owner of the castle, Princess Gloria von Thurn y Taxis, was also present at the concert.

    In Germany, Netrebko also has concerts scheduled in Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main.


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