Before Zelensky Putin will meet with Lukashenko named the date

Перед Зеленским Путин встретится с Лукашенко: названа дата

Before the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky in Paris December 9, planned talks between the leaders of Russia and Belarus. Putin and Alexander Lukashenko meet in Sochi on 7 December to discuss gas issues and the impending integration of Belarus and Russia.

Talk about reviving the project of the Union state of Belarus and Russia have been underway for more than a year. But bravura speeches about the advantages of such mergers, there were also comments that the Association is not necessary. The specifics of the parties passed on 1 December, when it was announced that the final stage must appear unified government of Belarus and Russia and a single Parliament.

In parallel with the political aspects, the two countries settle the issue of the common market of oil, gas and elektoenergii. Belarus insists on its territory, energy prices should not be above, than in Russia. All of these negotiations, the parties called the “roadmap”integration.

So far, the “road map” provides that 1 June 2020 between Belarus and Russia won’t be roaming from 1 April 2021 must create a Tax code, and thereafter the General management of customs.

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