Behavior Interactive Announces Meet Your Maker Game and More


Interactive Behavior Announces Meet Your Maker Game and Other New Features

In “Meet Your Maker”, players can create worlds or destroy other people's worlds.

Meet Your Maker, Jurassic World Primal Ops, Hooked on You, Flippin Misfits, Project S… The Montreal studio Behavior Interactif has long relied on its flagship horror and survival game Dead by Daylight, but can boast a well-stocked catalog for its 30th anniversary.

The largest independent studio in the country has multiplied announcements in recent months. The company notably opened the doors of a second studio, in Toronto, and acquired Midwinter Entertainment, the publisher of the game Scavengers.

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On Wednesday, she made an appointment with her fans for a first promotional event called Behavior Beyond, during which a handful of new features were unveiled. Here's a sneak peek.

Perhaps the biggest announcement of the virtual conference: the new post-apocalyptic first-person game Meet Your Maker, which aims to be a Mario Maker, but brutal.

“The world is dying and your goal is to build an outpost in order to survive.

—Ashley Pannell, Creative Director of Meet Your Maker

Each outpost is designed by the players, who must manufacture to the test of looting or, on the contrary, try to infiltrate the constructions of their adversaries to destroy them. The game is offered in single player or cooperative mode.

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Players will transition through roles as they perfect devious, labyrinthine outposts filled with traps and guards, then gear up for frantic combat and methodical when looting the creations of other players, we describe in the press release.

No release date has been revealed for the game, but Behavior Interactive invites those interested to register to test the title classified for 17 years and older from August 23.

Interactive Behavior had more than one surprise for fans of Dead by Daylight, which has some 50 million followers worldwide. But the most unusual is certainly Hooked on You, a flirt video game with characters from its horror and survival game.

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Fans of the multiplayer game know that in the recesses of each character's heart, dark surprises and truths lurk, reads the press release.

Players can thus find the character of the trapper, a killer of the game who becomes in Hooked on You an alpha male whose enormous biceps and leotard swimsuit leave nothing to the imagination.

The trapper character from the game “Dead by Daylight” is an alpha male in the dating simulation game “Hooked on You”.

Hunter Anna steps into the flirting arena with her herculean biceps and adorable bunny mask, there to smash her way into the heart of anyone lucky enough to know it.

The ghost and the spirit are also in this new game, for a total of four deadly sexy killers, who under their murderous exterior, aspire only to a small idyll.

The choices you make unlock deeply passionate love relationships, but can also turn into platonic friendships, as is the case in real dating, said Mathieu Côté, Head of Partnerships at Behavior Interactive, during the virtual conference.

Hooked on You, announced in May 2022, is a first foray into the video game novel for the studio.

Fans are falling for the characters of Dead by Daylight, added Mathieu Côté.

The game is available now on Steam .

Behavior Interactive and Capcom, publisher of the Resident Evil series of horror and survival games, have entered a new phase in their collaboration. After introducing new Resident Evil characters in Dead by Daylightin June 2021, the two studios will further develop the story of a new killer, Albert Wesker, and two new survivors, Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers, in the next chapter.

“Welcoming legendary Resident Evil characters to our universe last year was a huge milestone for Dead by Daylight.

— Mathieu Côté< /blockquote>

The map of the Raccoon City Police Station from Resident Evil will also undergo an overhaul, notably by splitting into two wings, east and west.

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These changes will be visible in the next chapter soon available on consoles, PC, the Epic Game Store, the Windows Store and Google Stadia.

The Montreal studio is once again venturing more off the beaten track with a new brawling game called Flippin Misfits. Two to four players can compete in arenas inside and outside a spaceship, where gravity plays tricks.

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“Gravity reversal feature creates a 360 degree battle surface – a feature never before seen in the world games.

— A spokesperson for Behavior Interactive

Players can expect to enter the colorful arena of Flippin Misfits starting in September on Steam.

Heist-punching fans Crafted headers and idyllic landscapes will be able to rely on the open-ended puzzle title Project S, developed in partnership with the Toronto-based team at Lunach Studios.

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Players will be able to navigate single-player, co-op, or multiplayer through a mysterious realm of logic and wisdom.

Surrounded by floating islands, ancient architecture and awe-inspiring views, players will complete quests, find secrets and discover new puzzle islands, all while learning more about the origin and fate of this enigmatic universe. , we detail in the press release.

Interactive Behavior plans to release the game in 2023.

It was not a surprise: Behavior Interactive had already announced last May to work on the free mobile game Jurassic World Primal Ops. The Behavior Beyond event was the occasion to launch the game officially on iOS and Android.

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The game gives players a mission that only they can complete: save the dinosaurs from their enemies and create a balanced coexistence with humans, we note in the communicated.


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