Beijing criticizes Washington for going down the path of “conflict”

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Beijing criticizes Washington for going down the path of “conflict”

Disputes between China and the United States have multiplied in recent years: Taiwan's status, links with Russia, spy balloon, etc.

China, in a particularly sharp tone, on Tuesday accused the United States of stoking tensions between the two powers and warned of the risk of “conflict”, which Washington has defended.

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said on Tuesday that if the United States continues to go down the wrong path and does not hold back, no guard will crazy will not be able to prevent the derailment of relations between Beijing and Washington.

If that happens, there will inevitably be conflict and confrontation, Qin added, questioned in conference of press.

We seek strategic competition with China, we do not seek conflict, and nothing in our approach […] should lead anyone to think that we want conflict, a White House spokesman replied on Tuesday. , John Kirby.

We want to be in competition, and we want to win this competition with China, but we absolutely want to stay at this level, he assured, repeating in particular that there had been no change in the American position on Taiwan, a thorny subject among all.

The day before, Chinese President Xi Jinping had formulated, according to a report by the news agency Chine Nouvelle , a rare direct criticism of the United States, accusing it by name of dragging Western countries into a policy of containment, encirclement and repression against China.

The disputes between the two superpowers have multiplied in recent years: status of Taiwan, tensions in the South China Sea, imbalance in the trade balance, treatment of Uighur Muslims, links with Russia.

China and the United States are waging a fierce battle for the manufacture of semiconductors, the electronic components essential to the operation of smart phones, connected cars, but also military equipment.

In the name of national security, Washington has increased sanctions against Chinese chipmakers in recent months.

Uncertain and unpredictable factors have greatly increased for China, Xi Jinping said again, again according to an account from New China.

The 69-year-old leader, who will get an unprecedented third presidential term in days, was speaking to members of an advisory committee at the annual session of China's parliament.

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, who previously served as ambassador to Washington, was particularly vocal in calling the attitude of American politicians toward China a kind of hysterical neo-McCarthyism. /p>

He also deplored the recent accusations by some Western countries that have claimed, without evidence, that China intends to supply arms to Russia for its war against Iran. #x27;Ukraine.

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang called the US attitude “a kind of hysterical neo-McCarthyism”.

At the end of February, China published a 12-point document urging Moscow and Kyiv to hold peace talks.

The text also calls for respecting the territorial integrity of all countries, including that of Ukraine, part of whose territory is under Russian control.

Cautiously welcomed by Kiev, this Chinese document had been received with more skepticism on the Western side, because Beijing, officially neutral, never publicly condemned Moscow.

Qin Gang said China was neither the cause of the crisis nor a party , and that it did not supply arms to any of the parties; then he called for starting peace talks as soon as possible.

The Beijing-Moscow relationship does not pose a threat to any country in the world, he stressed.

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