Belarus reacted to the proposal to place observers near the border

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Belarus reacted to the proposal to place observers near the border

The formal Belarusian government believes that international observers may be “foreign troops”.

Belarus has responded to the proposal of the President of Ukraine to place international observers near the common border. The ruling Belarusian regime stated that, on the one hand, this “does not bother” them, but on the other hand, a mission of “foreign troops” near the co-aggressor country is “unacceptable.” This was stated by the State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Alexander Volfovich, Belarus reports today on Wednesday, October 12.

“If Zelensky needs this contingent at the border, then let him invite. This contingent does not interfere with us at all, but we don't need it. We have nothing to control and nothing to hide,” he says.

According to him , Ukrainian border guards and other law enforcement agencies in the adjacent territory “dug up all the roads and destroyed all the bridges, equipping them with mine-explosive barriers, defending it is unclear from whom and for what.”

The UAVs of Russia's ally allegedly do not violate the Ukrainian border, but the Ukrainian ones “do it regularly,” a Belarusian official assures.

violations that come from Ukraine today in relation to (Belarus – ed.),” Volfovich believes.

However, in his opinion, if the contingent consists of foreign troops, then “this is completely unacceptable “.

As you know, on the eve of Zelensky called for the deployment of international observers on the border with Belarus.

In addition, the Belarusian border committee stated that Ukraine “blows up bridges and mines roads” near border with Belarus.

In response, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine assured that mining on the border of Ukraine with Belarus is an exclusively defensive measure. However, if the enemy tries to attack from the territory of Belarus, he is waiting for him right on the border.

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