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Belgium – Slovakia: De Bruyne and his Red Devils took on water… the match summary

For its entry into the competition in this Euro 2024, in Frankfurt, this Monday, June 17, Belgium gave in to Slovakia and its striker Schranz (0-1). This is a huge disappointment for De Bruyne's gang.

Belgium – Slovakia: De Bruyne and his Red Devils took on water… the match summary

Belgium 0: 1

Belgium – Slovakia: De Bruyne and his Red Devils took on water… the match summary

This is the first sensation of Euro 2024! Eliminated in the group stage during the World Cup in Qatar, Belgium, undefeated for 15 matches, is definitely not healed. The Red Devils were defeated. surprised by a quick goal from Schranz (0-1, 9th). The scorer took advantage after a loss of the ball in the Doku penalty area to dampen the Belgian momentum. Uninspired, the players from the flat country were attacked. clumsy, &agrav; the image of Lukaku. The scorer missed, in the first period, three duels against each other. Dubravka. In the second act, the AS Roma striker added: the curse awkwardness. Twice, for an offside and a handball from Openda, the ex-Chelsea player had his goals canceled (55th and 85th). A bad Belgian joke… In group E, Romania is at the top just ahead of Slovakia. Both nations have three points. Belgium will owe a revenge against à Romania, to stay alive in this competition.

19:53 – Obert enters the game (90th + 5)

&Out of breath, Duda, author of a big game, leaves his place to the defender. It's a change to keep the advantage. 

19:52 – Dubravka intervenes in front of De Bruyne (90th + 4)

The captain of Belgium crossed his shot, on the ground. The Slovakian goalkeeper got down well to his right.

19:51 – Dubravka reassures his defense (90th+2)

Lukaku tried to find Openda in depth. The Slovakian goalkeeper had read everything.

19:49 – The added time is known! (90th)

There will be seven more minutes! Meanwhile, on the pitch, Skriniar conceded; a corner. 

For the second time, Lukaku has his goal canceled! It's terrible for Belgium! 

19:47 – The VAR is watching this action!

At the start of the action, Openda seems to have touched the ball with your hand to take the ball. 

Paid coaching from Tedesco! On the side left, Openda pierced; the Slovak defense. The clever ex-Lens striker centered the ball. behind. Lukaku, with his left foot, shot with the flat of the foot and put the ball from where to go he came. Belgium breathes! 

19:44 – Lukebakio is already warned (85th)

The Belgian striker, for his first ball, wiped away the ball. the crampons on his opponent. The Slovakian remains on the ground. 

19:43 – Tedesco makes two changes (84th)

Doku and Carrasco leave the pitch. Openda and Lukebakio have seven minutes to save Belgium. 

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">19:41 – Bakayoko concedes a corner (82nd)

Slovakia does not regroup at all time around their repair surface. He doesn't hesitate to do anything. attack to try to get started the shelter. 

19:40 – Slovakia makes another change (81st)< /h3>

For the moment the only scorer in this match, and therefore hero of Slovakia, Schranz leaves his place to Duris. 

19:37 – Carrasco gets a corner (80th)

His attempt was unsuccessful. controlled by a Slovak defender. There is no more time lose for the Belgians. 

19:34 – Strelec ignitedé Stadium ! (77th)

On a cross coming from the right, the attacker, although left-handed, tried to attack. a heel behind his supporting foot. The ball was kicked. controlled by Faes. 

19:33 – Belgium makes a change (75th)

Rather disappointingly, Trossard gives up his place to Tielemans. We are entering the last quarter of an hour. 


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