Bella Hadid came out in “children's” pajamas (photo)


    Bella Hadid came out in

    A celebrity went grocery shopping.

    25-year-old American model Bella Hadid came out in a suit very similar for children's pajamas. The Daily Mail writes about this.

    The catwalk star of Palestinian origin was returning from a supermarket in New York with a white string bag in her hands. Judging by the photo, Bella purchased several non-alcoholic adaptogenic drinks from her brand Kin Euphorics, of which she became a co-owner in the fall of 2021.

    Bella Hadid chose a rather comfortable look for a casual appearance – white with a black dot “baby” pajamas , under which was an orange top. The American celebrity was wearing white leather loafers.

    25-year-old Bella chose a black baseball cap, a massive bag with a gold chain and numerous rings as accessories for her shopping outfit.

    Almost every day Bella Hadid shows interesting and stylish images that you want to repeat and consider. The 25-year-old model proves her status as a style icon every time.


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