Belle and Bastos as a couple, they no longer hide

Belle and Bastos as a couple, they are no longer hiding

While Belle and Bastos met on the filming of the Battle of the Couples in the Dominican Republic, they are now together and they are no longer hiding.

It has now been several weeks since viewers discovered Beautiful in the Villa of Broken Hearts 7. At the heart of many conflicts within the house, the young woman had to regularly defend herself against criticism. Lucie even intervened to calm tensions. It must be said that the pretty brunette assumes herself as she is and that her authenticity can unfortunately disturb. However, upon arrival of Allan, Belle regained her zest for life and even reconciled with Carla. Unfortunately, she was also disappointed by the cousin of Kevin Guedj who did not hesitate to cheat on her during temptation week.

However,the Brazilian decided to give him a new chance and it’s therefore together that the two young people found themselves onthe set > of the Battle of the Clans. But when Belle discovered the images of Allan currently airing on TFX, she reportedly decided to put a definitive end to their story. Now single, she would then have approached Bastosto the point of getting in a relationship with him. Moreover, according to ShayaraTV, Allan would have simply flipped out when he learned that they had slept together. Since then, Belle left the set and Bastos soon joined her.

Bastos and Belle more closer than ever

And the least we can do is that they never leave each other. Thus, when the young woman is not at home, she prepares outings for two. Yesterday, the two lovers even went horse riding together. Moreover, Bastos released a video on June 12 with the young woman. They took the opportunity to testtheir compatibility throughtheir first names, their astrological signs and even a questionnaire. If they do not confirm that they are living a beautiful relationship, their looks say it all and they should not delay making their story official. One thing is certain, they seem very happy together and that’s all that matters.

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