Ben Affleck has commented on the divorce from Jennifer garner

Бен Аффлек прокомментировал развод с Дженнифер Гарнер

Hollywood actor Ben Affleck, who recently won at the casino, is still going through a divorce with actress Jennifer garner. In a new interview, he admitted that the gap was the biggest mistake of his life, reports The New York Times.

“The biggest mistake in my life – a divorce. Shame really toxic,” said Ben Affleck.

47-year-old actor also added that he himself is to blame for the breakup with Jennifer garner. Ben Affleck is still treated for alcohol dependence, which became the cause of divorce. The thirst for drink and led to the rejection of prospective roles, in particular Batman. Is Ben Affleck’s superhero in the new movie will turn his colleague Robert Pattinson.

“I was drinking in normal quantities for long periods of time. But when my marriage began to fall apart, I started drinking more and more. It was in 2015-2016. My drinking has created big problems in the family,” he said.

Interestingly, Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner managed to keep friendships after a divorce. The actress personally took him to rehab and supported in the fight against alcohol addicted. In addition, Jennifer did not object to Ben Affleck celebrated with her and their three children for the holidays. The actor is in therapy regularly and has a sponsor, who once also suffered from alcohol addicted.

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