Benjamin Gates: the first teaser for the Disney+ series promises a crazy adventure


During San Diego Comic-Con, Disney+ unveiled the first teaser for Benjamin Gates' spin-off series National Treasure.

A real guilty pleasure for many movie buffs, the Benjamin Gates saga, started with Benjamin Gates and the Treasure of the Templars and continued with Benjamin Gates and the Book of Secrets, unfortunately did not have a third installment, despite rumors. Unlike his spiritual father Indiana Jones, who is back for a fifth installment, Nicolas Cage shouldn't put on Benjamin Gates' boots.

Despite everything, Disney was obviously not going to give up on this golden saga, and therefore decided to make a series of it. In the National Treasure series, Jess Morales, a young adventurer played by Lisette Alexis, attempts to uncover hidden treasure with the help of her loyal friends. Along the way, she also investigates his mysterious family history. Hidden daughter of the famous adventurer? Nothing is certain yet, but some elements already suggest that Gates could make an appearance in the series.

The series, which has just announced that an actor from the films will be back , unveiled a little more during Comic-Con in San Diego by revealing a n first teaser that will undoubtedly excite adventure fans:

The adventure continues. National Treasure: Edge of History, an Original series, is streaming soon only on #DisneyPlus. #NationalTreasureSeries

— Disney+ (@disneyplus) July 21, 2022

“The adventure continues. National Treasure: Edge of History, an original series to discover only on Disney+.”

We therefore discover the young and determined Jess Morales, wearing a cowboy hat , who seems ready to solve the investigation of her life. Between several objects arranged in the room, we notice the strange pair of glasses worn by Benjamin Gates in Benjamin Gates and the treasure of the Templars.

A clue which is surely not there by chance and which could very well announce a cameo from the actor, especially that Harvey Keitel who played the agent Peter Sadusky in the first two films will also be back. To discover Catherine Zeta-Jones as a vicious big bad, go to Disney+, most likely at the end of 2022.


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