Berlin turns off lights at 200 monuments to save electricity


Berlin turns off lights at 200 monuments to save electricity

The Senate of the city-state of Berlin decided this Wednesday turn off the night lighting of about 200 monuments in the German capitalto save electricity in the context of the war in Ukraine, according to local media reports.

From Wednesday night to Thursday, there will be In the dark, the Berlin Cathedral, the Church of Santa Maria and the Old Palace, among other buildings.

The Victory Column, the Red Town Hall, the Berlin German Opera House and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church they will be added to the list in the coming days, as will the statues in the Tiergarten park.

“In view of the war against Ukraine and the energy threats from Russia< strong> it is important that we act particularly carefully with our energy,” he said. the senator for the Environment, Bettina Jarash, according to the regional network RBB.

Jarasch thatthe total consumption of the night lighting of the Berlin monuments represents approximately 200,000 kilowatts per year, which corresponds to an expense of 40,000 euros, so that the measure is eminently symbolic.

On the contrary, the seat of the lower house of Parliament in the building of the former Reichstag will remain the same. for the moment illuminated, although a spokesman for the Bundestag informed recently that an energy saving plan has been activated.


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