“Bi-2” showed a mystical horror “God of the damned”

“Bi-2” showed a mystical horror “God of the damned”

The author of the video is screenwriter, producer and director Vladimir Besedin. The 3-minute music video is more like a full-length film with a symbolic plot in the spirit of Gothic novels and a mystical climax.

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“It feels like it's a movie soundtrack, but it just so happens that it's a movie for our song. It looks like a soundtrack for some big movie, because for myself I jokingly called it “if Tarantino shot” Les Miserables “, they would look like this”, – said Shura Bi-2.

Leva Bi-2 spoke about how difficult the task was for the film crew and how well the process of creating the video was debugged:

“Four days of shooting were worked out like clockwork! This is the merit of the excellent team of director Vladimir Besedin. When he told us the script, I was scared that the new video would be a continuation of the dark line of the videos “Whiskey” and “Inferno”. But when I listened to him completely, I believed and changed my mind. And I am very pleased that I have revised my personal views. It came out with a wonderful mix of idea, music and song. Relations between generations of fathers and children. This song is dedicated to all the rejected, humiliated and insulted, of whom there are more and more every year. ”

The band's musicians as priests

The director of the video, Vladimir Besedin, admitted that while writing the script, he drew inspiration from the classic horror films – “The Shining” by Stanley Kubrick and “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock:

The Shine vibe influenced me when I wrote the script. When I heard the song, I was immediately captured by the idea that something small in the video should fight against something big and unfair. I really wanted the group here to look exactly like storytellers who are forces of good. When we first met, I had two ideas. I really liked one, but I thought that maybe the guys would not come in, because she is pretty brave. But after I briefly told the story of our ugly duckling, the guys jumped at it and gave the green light. This, of course, was insanely inspiring! “

“God of the Damned” is the third track from Bi-2 from the upcoming album, which is scheduled for release in 2021. As the musicians promised, the new song is very different in sound from the two previous singles “Inferno” and “Depression”, released in 2020. The style of God of the Damned is kept close to the gospel genre.

Lyova Bi-2 as a priest

“I think that in Russia this is the first unique experience of transferring gospel to the rock scene,” Leva Bi-2 said. – Shura every month makes an audit of my archives, in which he found this song. I was skeptical about it, and did not place any bets on it – I did not know how to develop it. And Shura found her and said that the song was cool and that he would sing it. “

Shura Bi-2 explained why he decided to cede the performance of the new single to Leva Bi-2: “In general, initially this song was supposed to be sung by me, but when Leva brought it and showed me the lyrics – he sang it demo – I said that that message , which is embedded in this song, only he will convey; I'll be there as a backing vocalist in the chorus. ”

EP is available on all digital platforms, which includes the new track “God of the Damned” and its bonuses: karaoke version and covers. Young talented performer Liza Gromova took part in the recording of alternative versions; one of the most promising post-punk bands of the present time – Midnight Faces; the progressive dance electronics P.PAT and the a capella team Jukebox Trio.

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