Biathlon in Antholz: Ukraine made starting the world championship race in the top 5 (video)

Биатлон в Антхольце: Украина завершила стартовую гонку чемпионата мира в топ-5 (видео)

Thursday, February 13, on “FC sudtirol-Arena” in Italian Antholz-Anterselva, located in the mountains near the border with Austria, started the world championship on biathlon which will last till February 23.

In the first of 12 scheduled for the world championship disciplines, the athletes went to the start of the mixed relay. Ukraine is among 27 teams (the birthday of the head coach of our female national team Valery Lesnikov!) under 24-m bib number on the course was represented by Anastasiya Merkushyna, Yuliya Jim, Artem prima and world champion-2019 Dmitry Pidruchny.

Disqualification in the last mixed relay race in Slovenia and only 15th place in Ostersund not allowed our team to start at the top. So Anastasia, who had gone the distance only from the eighth starting line, had from the very beginning to try to overtake the leaders. Good job Merkushina this time cope with the nerves and really worked hard your stage (without a single miss in the prone shooting and standing!), passing the baton to seventh behind leading Norway 15,9 sec.

Did not make a blunder and Jim, which with clean shooting from the prone position and two spare rounds in standing raised Ukraine on the fifth place (behind the leader, Norway — 39.3 per sec.).

Prima, who started the male part of the race, worked safely and with zero in the prone shooting and two penalties in standing to keep the Ukraine in fifth place, while reducing the gap from the Norwegians to 33.9 seconds.

Pidruchny fleeing for our team for the final 6-mile stretch, had shot clean at the prone shooting and before the last shooting actually claimed the bronze. But four (!) inaccurate shots and penalty on the rack prevented the world champion to raise our to the podium. However, the captain on the last lap has collected will in a fist and crossed the finish line behind the German in fifth place (behind the winner of 49.2 sec; penalty laps — 1, misses at shooting — 10).

The first medals of the world championship 2020 in Antholz-Anterselva won the team of Norway (1:02,27:7; 0+7), Italy (+15,6; 0+6) and the Czech Republic (+30,8; 0+2).

Video relay 4×6 km see this link.

Note that at the world Cup in Italy the honor of Ukraine defend 12 shooting skiers and skiers. Our men’s team is represented in Antholz Dmitry Pidruchny, Artem Prima, Anton Dudchenko Sergey Semenov, Ruslan Tkalenko and Bogdan Cymbalom, and women’s Olena Pidhrushna, Yulia Jimei, valley and Twisted Semerenko Merkushino by Anastasia and Yulia Zhuravok.

On Friday, February 14, at the world championship will take place women’s sprint race at the 7.5 km (starts at 15:45).

During the years of independence, Ukrainian athletes have won at the track in Antholz 14 medals Cup and world Cup. While Nina Lemesh, Andrew Deryzemlya and Sergey Sednev celebrated there his only career individual victories.

By the way, for successful performance at the world championship, athletes can expect a serious prize. For example, in individual competitions, first place is estimated at 25,000 euros, the second was 19,000, and the third one in 14,000, and the fourth 10,000 fifth of 8 000, the sixth — 6,000 and so on. And in relay races respectively — 28 000 Euro, 22 000, 18 000, 14 000, 12 000, 10 000 etc.



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