Biathlon in östersund online video men’s individual race

Биатлон в Эстерсунде: онлайн-видеотрансляция мужской индивидуальной гонки

Wednesday, December 4, there will be another start at the stage of the biathlon world Cup in Ostersund, Sweden. In the men’s individual race on 20 km with four firing lines Ukraine among 111 participants will present five biathlon: world champion Dmitry Pidruchny (pictured) will go to the distance under the 8th starting number, Artem prima — under the 42nd, Artem Tishchenko — under 72-m, Ruslan Tkalenko under the 78th and Anton Dudchenko under 91.

Note that if in the first race on Swedish ground athletes had to contend with the wind, this in östersund obstacle can become rain and zero temperature.

Live video of male “independents” see website “FACTS” (beginning at 17:15) and on the channel “NTU”, “Eurosport 1” and “Belarus 5”.



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