Biathlon in Ostersund: the best of the Ukrainians Pidruchny completed the individual race in the top 20…

Биатлон в Эстерсунде: лучший из украинцев Пидручный завершил индивидуальную гонку в топ-20...

Wednesday, December 4, held another race on the stage of the biathlon world Cup in Ostersund, Sweden. Before the start of the men’s “independents” is 20 km, the organizers held a minute of silence in memory of the triple Olympic champion, the famous Norwegian biathlete Halvard of Hanevold, who died September 3 (3 Dec athlete would have turned 50 years).

Ukraine among the 111 participants was represented by five athletes. The best of our race was world champion Dmitry Pidruchny (behind the winner — +4:14,5, misses when shooting— 2+0+0+1), took 20-th place. Pryma Artem (+5:57,0, 1+2+0+1) — in the 38th position, Ruslan Tkalenko (+6:56,6, 0+1+0+2) — in the 54th, Artem Tishchenko (+8:54,5, 1+0+1+0) — in the 74th and Anton Dudchenko (+9:38,8, 0+1+1+3) — on 84 minutes.

Better than the rest “independents” was held by the French, occupied the entire podium. First, the legendary Martin Fourcade (53:11,9, 0+0+0+1), second — Simon Dete (+12,7, 0+1+0+0), third — Quentin Fillon maillet (+1.50,8, 2+0+0+1).

Note that if in the first race on Swedish ground athletes had to contend with the wind, this in östersund obstacle was the rain and zero temperature.

Video men’s individual race on 20 km see this link.

Thursday, December 5, in östersund will host the women’s individual 15 km (the online video is 17:20 on the website of “FACTS”).



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