Biden advances new actions to protect access to abortion pills

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Biden advances new actions to protect access to abortion pills

The US president, Joe Biden, contemplates new actions to protect legal access to abortion medication and safeguard patient safety in the face of barriers These have arisen since the Supreme Court revoked last June the protection of the right to abortion at the federal level.

On the 50th anniversary of the 'Roe v. Wade' ruling (1973), which protected that right in the United States but it was repealed a few months ago, the president will sign the agreement. You will send a memorandum asking for He urged the Secretary of Health, Xavier Becerra, to increase efforts so that, among other points, abortion pills can be purchased in pharmacies “without threats or violence,” regardless of where be alive.

The White House underscored the that the president “has long made it clear that people should have access to reproductive services without harassment, threats or violence” and that “pharmacies should not be treated differently.”

The memorandum that Biden will sign with these measures will be publicly announced this Sunday by the vice president, Kamala Harris, at an event in Florida's capital, Tallahassee, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court ruling.

A symbolic choice

The Democratic Administration chose The state of Florida, whose governor, Ron DeSantis, sponsored this act, significantly contributed to this act. laws restricting reproductive rights even before the Supreme Court ruling.

Since that ruling, according to data from Planned Parenthood, the largest network of reproductive service clinics in the US,< strong> 18 states have banned abortion or have severely restricted it, and in 13 of them access to this service is practically impossible despite exceptions.

In the United States, the The abortion pill Mifepristone is responsible for “the majority” of abortions nationwide, according to the White House.

The presidential statement pointed out that the memorandum seeks to counter the barriers that some state officials have put in place to prevent women from accessing abortion pills and from pharmacies offering them.