Biden and Macron want to seek a way out in Ukraine together

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Biden and Macron want to find a way out in Ukraine together

The President French Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden during an official ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, United States, on December 1.

Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron demonstrated in Washington on Thursday their desire to seek a solution in Ukraine together, but without cutting back on their support for kyiv, during an overflowing state visit. x27;diplomatic affection.

I am ready to talk to Putin if he seeks a way to end the war. He hasn't done so yet, the US president said at a joint press conference with his French counterpart.

Joe Biden also stressed that any discussion with the Russian President would be done in consultation with my French and NATO friends.

We will remain united in opposing the Russia's brutality in Ukraine, the 80-year-old Democrat said again, as the conflict enters its tenth month, and especially in a harsh winter season.

The French president, whose positions on the matter have in the past caused incomprehension, even a certain irritation of the Americans, said that he would never push the Ukrainians to accept a compromise which would be unacceptable for them concerning Russian aggression, because it would not build a lasting peace.

In a joint statement, the two countries assured that they would continue to provide kyiv political, security, humanitarian and economic aid for as long as it takes.

Whether during their press conference or during the more solemn moments of Emmanuel Macron's state visit, the first organized by the Biden administration, the two leaders displayed the agreement the most radiant.

Forgotten, the open crisis of September 2021, when Washington blew a huge order for Australian submarines under the nose of the French.

It's time for coordination, even on perhaps the most contentious topic on the agenda: Joe Biden's energy transition policy, which unashamedly prioritizes American jobs and made products. in USA.

The sudden massive subsidies deemed “super aggressive” on Wednesday by Emmanuel Macron, who fears that they will jeopardize Europe's plans in matter of green energy and industrial revival.

I make no apologies for this legislation, said Joe Biden, promising however to fix the flaws in his Inflation Reduction Act, a pharaonic plan for investing in green energy, especially in electric cars.

Joe Biden has pledged that job creation in the United States will not come at the expense of Europe, but Europeans must go faster and stronger to have the same ambition as the Americans, demanded Emmanuel Macron.

The White House displayed all its pomp on Thursday to celebrate Franco-American friendship, while the two men endeavored to temper the pomp with a more personal touch.

Why did you choose Emmanuel Macron for his first state visit? Because he's my friend, Joe Biden said simply as he walked to the Oval Office as the French president laid his arm on his shoulder in a friendly way.

Our common destiny is to respond together to the challenges of the world, said Emmanuel Macron, shortly after the Marseillaise, then the American anthem, sounded on the lawns of the White House, on a radiant and icy morning.

Joe Biden, for his part, took the risk of pronouncing, in French, the motto Liberty, equality, fraternity.

La day is to end with a state dinner with which the Americans intend to demonstrate France on the culinary level.

The White House has sacrificed 200 lobsters and will present exclusively American wines and cheeses.

The two presidents also exchanged gifts, as is tradition. On the French side, one of the presents is, inevitably, romantic: a vinyl of the soundtrack of the film Un homme, une femme.

Il It is said that Joe and his wife Jill Biden went to see this work by Claude Lelouch during their first date.

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