Biden is willing to meet Putin with conditions

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Biden is willing to meet with Putin with conditions

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has shown himself this Thursdaywilling to meet with the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, if a series of conditions were met.. In a press conference at the White House after holding a meeting of almost three hours with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and choosing “very carefully” In his words, Biden has shown himself “prepared to talk to Mr. Putin if in fact there is an interest in him deciding to find a way to end the war ” What opened the door? last February with the invasion of the Ukraine. “He hasn't done it for now,” Biden also stressed.

Although the president has advanced that he has no immediate plans to establish this direct contact, he has denounced in the appearance of Putin's actions in Ukraine as “sick” and has assured that the Russian leader “has been wrong in all the calculations”, has also left the door open to that meeting. And he has added that he would take that step & ldquo;only in consultation with NATO allies”. “I'm not going to do it on my own,” Biden has insisted, saying, “I'd be delighted to sit down and see what happens.” has in mind”.

United front

Biden's statements have come almost at the end of an appearance before the press together with Macron, protagonist of the first state visit of the Democrat's presidency, in which the conflict in Ukraine has been one of the central topics of conversation. ;n, but not unique, between the two leaders. And the long bilateral relationship and the appearance before the media have also served topublicly show a rapprochement after months of growing tension, since the response to the conflict strong>The war on European soil and its consequences, for example, in energy matters as well as Biden's national political actions that Paris sees as protectionist and harmful for France and Europe. “Sometimes we have slight differences, but they are never fundamental,” Biden has assured.

The two leaders, for example, have shown a united front condemning Russia, especially for the brutal aggression against the civilian population of Ukraine. And Biden's unusual public statement showing his willingness to speak with Putin has brought him closer to the position held by Macron, who maintains contacts with the Russian leader and in Washington has not abandoned his defense of the negotiations of peace to end the conflict but has stressed that it must be a process decided by the attacked. “We will never urge Ukrainians to make a compromise that is not acceptable to them,” he has said. “We have to respect that it is the Ukrainians who decide the moment and the conditionsin which they will negotiate about their territory and their future”.

Economic rapprochement

The rough edges have also been ironed out, publicly , regarding another of the central points of friction between the two leaders: the Inflation Reduction Act signed by Biden in summer. This regulation contemplates a investment of 360,000 million dollars It is committed to combating climate change and aid and subsidies for US manufacturers of electric vehicles and components, and is viewed with suspicion in Paris and other European capitals as protectionist and negative for consumers. European interests.

Just Wednesday, before going to a private dinner together with the first ladies, Macron denounced Biden's political actions in a statement at the French embassy in Washington as “ superaggressive” and warned that they threaten to “fragment the West”. But this Thursday, publicly, both his tone and that of Biden have been very different.

The two have He has spoken publicly of working together to try to resolve the tensions the law has created. And Biden has stressed that he does not apologize for the rule, but has also acknowledged that may contain “bugs” that can be resolved. “We can resolve some of the differences that exist, I trust in that,” said the American, who has defended that the law “never intended to exclude those who cooperate with us, that was not the intention”, and he has promised “continue to create manufacturing jobs in the US but not at the expense of Europe”.

Macron >, much more moderate than the day before at the embassy, ‚Äč‚Äčalso spoke of “working together” and “resynchronize” calendars. “We want to succeed together, not against each other”, he said, assuring that both have “the same vision and will” and stressing that both have commissioned their teams to continue working “in cooperation and close coordination to find solutions”.